I'd Have to Be Crazy


Willie Nelson

жанры: country, 70s
альбомы: Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 689 просмотров
I'd have to be crazy
To stop all my singing
And never play music againYou'd call me a fool
If I grabbed up a top hat
And ran out to flag down the windI'd have to be weird
To grow me a beard
Just to see what the rednecks would doBut I'd have to be crazy
Plum out of my mind
To fall out of love with youNow I know I've done weird things
I told people I heard things
When silence was all that aboundsBeen days when it pleased me
To be on my knees
Following ants, as they crawled across the groundI've been insane on a train
But I'm still me again
The place where I hold you is trueSo I know I'm alright
'Cause I'd have to be crazy
To fall out of love with youNow I don't intend to
But should there come a day
When I say that I don't love you
You can love me awayI sure would be dingy
To live in an envelope
Waiting alone for a stampYou'd swear I was loco
To rub for a genie
While burning my hand on the lampAnd I may not be normal
But nobody is
So I'd like to say 'fore I'm throughI'd have to be crazy
Plumb out of my mind
To fall out of love with youI'd have to be crazy
Plumb out of my mind
To fall out of love with you
Это интересно:Willie Nelson, полное имя William Hugh Nelson, род. 30 апреля 1933 года) — один из столпов музыки кантри ХХ века, обладатель множества наград, в том числе премий «Грэмми» в категориях «Музыкальная легенда» (1990) и «За жизненные достижения» (1999).Отсчёт музыкальной карьеры Нельсона начинается с 1956 года. На первых порах его собственные записи отвергались боссами звукозаписывающих компаний по причине немодного,... продолжение
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