Fast As You Can


Fiona Apple

жанры: alternative, singer-songwriter, piano
альбомы: When the Pawn, Original Album Classics, Selections From "When the Pawn"
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 732 просмотра
I let the beast in too soon,
I don't know how to live
Without my hand on his throat;
I fight him always and still
Oh darling, it's so sweet,
You think you know how crazy,
How crazy I amYou say you don't spook easy,
You won't go, but I know
And I pray that you willFast as you can, baby run
Free yourself of me
Fast as you canI may be soft in your palm
But I'll soon grow
Hungry for a fight,
And I will not let you win
My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will
Disprove your faith in manSo if you catch me trying to find my way into your
Heart from under your skinFast as you can,
Baby scratch me out,
Free yourself
Fast as you canFast as you can,
Baby scratch me out,
Free yourself
Fast as you canSometimes my mind don't shake and shift
But most of the time, it does
And I get to the place where I'm begging for a lift
Or I'll drown in the wonders and the wasAnd I'll be your girl, if you say it's a gift
And you give me some more of your drugs
Yeah, I'll be your pet, if you just tell me it's a gift
'Cause I'm tired of whys, choking on whys,
Just need a little because,
Because...I let the beast in and then;
I even tried forgiving him,
But it's too soon
So I'll fight again, again, again, again, again.
And for a little while more,
I'll soar the uneven wind,
Complain and blame the sterile land
But if you're getting any bright ideas,
Quiet dear
I'm blooming withinFast as you can, baby wait watch me, I'll be out
Fast as I can, maybe late but at least about
Fast as you can leave me, let this thing
Run its routeFast as you can (repeat 4 times)
Это интересно:Фиона Эппл Мэггарт (Fiona Apple Maggart) родилась 13 сентября 1977 года в Нью-Йорке, в артистической семье. Ее отец ‒ звезда телесериалов, красавчик-актер Брэндон Мэггарт ‒ познакомился с ее мамой ‒ прекрасной поварихой, фитнес-тренером, танцовщицей, певицей и актрисой Дайэн МакЭфи на съемках одного мюзикла. У них были дети от предыдущих браков и в этом браке родились две девочки ‒ Фиона и ее сестра... продолжение
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