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Hustle Blood (feat. Jamie Foxx)


Big Boi

жанры: hip-hop, rap, hip hop, dirty south
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[Jamie Foxx:]
Ayy (ayy)
Ayy (ayy)

Been patient, we both played our part in heart-breakin
Most time you hurt, more than I, face it
Took blows to the heart, that's family
My mother, been 20 years with a hustler
He always taught, never talk slick
woman's place submit to a boss, couldn't take it
So many nights seein momma on the couch stressin
She lookin at the clock, it's quarter past 2
Next day, and still no sign of daddy
hustler, always loyal to the customer
In love with the only example of family
I wanna say

[Chorus x2: Jamie Foxx & Debra Killings]
Daddy said, when you hit 18
That you will never marry one like me
But didn't know you fell for a hustler
Hustle blood all in me, all in me
But I've been waitin for this day to come

[Big Boi:]
Waitin for the day to come
Like waitin on the mailman first of the month
I'm a, straight go-getter, trend setter
Make her more wetter when a [bad word] bust
Dude I keep her soakin wet to the touch (I do)
No joke, can't stop 'til she get enough
Like a paper towel, quick to pick her up
Blow smoke, chop chop, let her hit the blunt [bad word] what
Up, up, up and away (and away)
I ain't fin' to front
From the jump or the giddy up bruh
It's plenty pretty bitties in the city I'm from
And I'm gon' get me just one
To ride shotgun, do you hear me? Just one, one

[Debra Killings:]
Bum bum diddy bum bum, bum bum bum diddy bum bummmm


Waiting for this day to come, lady come and give me some
You know you're my only one, just lay back girl have some fun
Now come over let me squeeze, you so tightly let me see
Just what you can do for me, drop down low and shake it please

[Big Boi:]
Nothing in the world can keep us apart
Like Nettie and Seely from the start
My blood pumps red, but give me a purple heart
Instead cause a [bad word] goes hard
Kinda like a egg, boilin in a pot of hot water (hot water)
Or like a Fed with a no-knock warrant
I want her, so I'm a go and get her, ya hear me?
We got her surrounded, she gonna give it to me
Give it up, gift wrap, hands up
Handcuff with the wrists back, back up (back up)
The type of chick'll make a [bad word] act up
Mask up, get the Cadillac and mash up
Any, and every
Thing on site like a drop box Chevy

[Debra Killings:]
Bum bum diddy bum bum, bum bum bum diddy bum bummmm


[Jamie Foxx:]
Ayy (ayy)
Ayy (ayy)

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