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Fell in love with a Cadillac [x2]
Trunk turn flip, like a acrobat

[Hook x2]
Broke up with my foreign car, and fell in love with a Cadillac [x3]
Trunk turn flip, like a acrobat

I woke up, thinking foreign car
But the Cadillac, got a [bad word] sitting in a daze
24's and a swiss, sitting sideways
Trae flipping through the hood, like I'm running through a maze
Find me trunk up, with the top back
One deep in the front, two freaks in the back
Haters mad at me, cause I'm MVP stats
Better give me fifty feet, cause I'm good with the gat
Good with the track, like I'm good with the hands
15's banging, like I'm battle of the bands
New Benz like send, they run up out of grand
And the trunk read Trae, so they know that I'm the man
Me Paul Wall, in a slab out of Texas
In a Cadillac, had to get rid of the Lexus
Rather be gangsta, tipping on something
With something in the clip, that'll get rid of the plexing

I fell in love, with my Coupe DeVille
It's on a switch, it's the truth for real
Scraping the back down, these Southwest streets
Got a few teeth in the grill, loose for real
Big pumps, two to the front one to the back
One wheel in the air, gliding like that
Three O-7, rebuilt without chrome
Hundred spoke Daytons, with the two prones
Next week, I'm in some'ing from the Lowrider book
I'ma show these [bad word]  how a lowrider look
Hit a switch on Boss, will get your lowrider took
In '98, I use to be the lowrider crook
Fleetwoods, El-Dogs Sedan DeVilles
When I ride, always equipped with handy steel
 [bad word] up on three, and got em standing still
I'm in the attick, wondering when I'm gon land and chill

[Hook x2]

[Juicy J:]
I'm never staying focused, always smoking
Presidential kushing, always choking
 [bad word] I drank up, all your purple
If I find out, that [bad word] be potent
Mayn I get high, [bad word] that [bad word] 
Your baby mama out here, sucking my [bad word] 
I'ma make her pay me, that child support
I'm a pimp out here, trying to make it rich
If you really wanna get high, let me know
I'll tell C.B., let you hit that blow
We can ride in the Cadillac, way in the [bad word] back
Hitting all the spots, just hogging that hoe
Then take a lot of freaks, to the Hotel room
System on blast, you can hear that boom
Mayn I'ma pop bout, two three X
And drop my drawas, and take this chewing

[DJ Paul:]
See in that M-Town, we snort that blow
Turn around mayn, and whip our hoes
Take me big gulp, full of that drank
Now I'm high, don't know what to think
First I had em beating fast, now I got em knocking slow
Sniff a lil' mo' of this sip a lil' mo' of that, even down the middle whoa
Closed up my foreign do's, opened up my American do's
'72 Sedan DeVille, 84's and 20 inch vogues
Chandillere, hanging from the top
Fish tank, lit up in the glass box
But I had to put, the toy fish in it
Cause the real ones died, from the kick box [bad word] 

[Hook x2]

Jay'Ton, pull up in a Lac [bad word] up
22 inch chrome, bags popped up
Diamonds in our mouth, cash stocked up
Ice game six, so the game locked up
9-4 Fleetwood, headlights on
Fifth let back, but the trunk moved on
Flying through the hood, with the six 12's on
Seal in the groove, super kush to the dome
19 in the game, only love for my Lac
Never loving a dame, swang to the left
When I'm hulling the frame, trying to take mine
You'll be hugging a stain, like I'm hugging the lane
 [bad word] tape still on, drank in my cup
Everytime, that I roam
Roach [bad word] hoes, still calling my phone
Representing for the South, H-Town is my home

I'm a 24 inch black, Fleetwood glider
Tipping the block, they love the way the drop sit wider
Lord knows haters mad, when the left fly by ya
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Это интересно: Trae (настоящее имя Frasier Thompson III) родился 5 марта, 1981 г., в Хьюстоне, штат Техас. Состоит (состоял) в коллективах Asshole By Nature, Guerila Maab, Screwed Up Click.Trae, исполнитель с потрясающим флоу, иногда кажется, что по-скорости ему нет равных, но в то же время Trae обладает довольно неплохим вокалом, разбавляя свои треки мелодичным пением. Он никогда не был "фальшивым", его лирика наполнена жизненным опытом,... подробнее
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