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    жанры: drum and bass, neurofunk, techstep, dnb, drum n bass
    Это интересно: Stefan Krause aka Rawtekk grew up in Hamburg/Germany. In 1988 he started making music and felt in love with producing electronical music. Having his roots in the early nineties´ Techno-Movement, he made his way through many electronic genres. In 2001 Rawtekk was founded to release drum and bass and breaks. His unique sound is different; clean, complex and straight forward. After comming up with the first tracks his fame quickly grew and he started playing live in different local clubs to show off his powerfull skills.Nowadays he is playing in well-known clubs beside the heads of the DNB-Scene. Stefan "Rawtekk" Krause is also teaching experimental Music and producing... продолжение

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