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    жанры: hip-hop, trap, cloud rap
    рейтинг: ★★★★☆ / 4.4 / 442 просмотра
    [Hook: Future]
    I pour up on dirty sprite again
    I pop on these percs and vicodins
    [Verse 1: $crim]
    '96 Impala with a bottle full of Roxys
    Know I got Suboxone when I run out from the popping
    Drug addicted
    I admit it
    I said before I ain't trying to quit it
    Codeine, codeine
    Got it dripping on my shirt from sloppy sipping
    Popping some percs and some Vicodins
    Leaning back hoping that life would end
    Again and again
    That's everyday
     [bad word] a rehab I just wither my life away
    Grey forever-ever
    Drug possessors
    My life expectancy up on the dresser
    [Verse 2: Yung $lumber]
    I need anesthetics
    I ain't energetic
    All these drugs never regret it
    I guess it's genetic
    It ain't my aesthetic
    That's [bad word] generic
    $uicide the epidemic
    Make the kids quit academics
    Take drugs til' you're epileptic
    Call the paramedics
    Depression magnetic
    I'm anti-kinetic
     [bad word] apathetic
    Again I'm pathetic
    Just move on without me and then [bad word] forget it
    Thought I moved on but i keep forgetting
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    Это интересно: $uicideboy$ is a rap duo from New Orleans, Louisiana consisting of Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth. They also operate G*59 Records. Almost all of their music is self-produced.http://g59records.comhttp://soundcloud.com/g59http://g59records.tumblr.comhttp://youtube.com/channel/UCU5AbNuMPGB491GcqXuzwKw http://suicideboys.bandcamp.com ... подробнее
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    А как ты думаешь, о чем песня "IT'S HARD TO WIN WHEN YOU ALWAYS LOSE" ?
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