Young Jeezy

жанры: rap
альбомы: The Recession
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 878 просмотров
Cannon, I see you nigga
See I'mma start off so slow yeah, I said so slow
They love me out in D.C. just like gogo
Said gogo yeah, I said gogo
See 'em back with Don Cannon it's a gogoSee I want my song like cocoa
I like to heat mine up like cocoa
See dem 87 Jeans, see the logo
Every time a day, count em' baby, gogoYou know how the drought be everythin' slow
You know how the drought be anythin' goes
Remember back when, when I got the snow low
And I was in and out of state just like RomoLookin' out for them boys no homo
Can't tell 'em what you're drivin', that's a no, no
I'mma tell you this but keep it on the low, low
If his numbers too low he might be the popoThings are gettin' higher, makes it hard on the buyers
Unemployment on the rise, gasoline [Incomprehensible]
Rent being paid late, please, let the dollar circulate
Let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it circulate
Circulate, circulate, circulate, circulateSittin' here starin' at this empty safe
Like what the fuck I'm gonna do with all this empty space
Got me lookin' at my bills like this ain't my place
Who am I to stop the party? But that ain't my placeAnd I'm never givin' up, see that ain't my case
If that was my case, then I plee the fifth
But the way I'm feelin' now, might drink me a fifth
Next year [Incomprehensible], might send me a giftMight send you a ride, might send you a lift
Might send you a roll, might send you a script
Might send you a bag, might send you a plug
Might send you some thangs, might show you some loveYeah, don't be the next to get flexed
Notice you ain't but you might wanna check
I tell you what, this is what I'll tell you
When shit get rough, no tellin' what they'll sell youInterest rates goin' up, seems like nobody [Incomprehensible]
Meat prices up to steak, utilities are on their way
Airlines are runnin' late, please, let the dollar circulate
Let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it circulate
Circulate, circulate, circulate, circulateI had to be the one to say I told you
God knows I can't wait until this recession's over
Higher than me, shit I'm tryin' to see
And wherever they be at it, that's where I'm tryin' to be
It was all good a week ago, Young the big tipper
Grind it all, we can throw it all at the strippersLookin' at my stash like where the fuck the rest at
Lookin' at my watch like it's a bad investment
Speakin' of investments, we talkin' investments
My re-up money, yeah, I'm tryna invest it
Sell a nigga dream, man, tellin' me it's up
Folks got it on hold, you still ain't heard nothin'Said there was millions goin' broke
Industry pollutin' the air with smoke
Politicians talkin' crazy, workers bein' so lazy
Is it all because of Watergate? Please, let the dollar circulate
Let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it circulate
Circulate, circulate, circulateCirculate, circulate, circulatePressure is on again, either way it's still the same
Schools are cryin' too, they can't do they job they wanna do
We can go to the moon and float in space
Please, let it, let it, let it, let the dollar
Let the dollar, let the dollar circulate
Это интересно:Young Jeezy (настоящее имя Jay Jenkins) родился 12-го октября 1977-го года в городе Колумбия, столице штата Северная Каролина.Спросите себя, кто из рэпперов в последние три года с нуля вырос до суперзвезды. Или спросите у нас. И если первым в списке наверняка окажется Game, то или сразу за ним расположится или Young Jeezy.Причем, в отличии от комптонского МС, перспективы рэппера-трэппера из Атланты кристально... продолжение
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