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Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthing Ta F' Wit


Wu-Tang Clan

жанры: rap
альбомы: Enter The Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers, Enter The Wu-Tang, Legend Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits, Wu: The Story Of The Wu-Tang Clan
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.6 / 1570 просмотров
Tiger styleWu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta Fuck Wit
Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta Fuck Wit
Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta Fuck WitYo there's no place to hide as I step inside the room
Dr. Doom, prepare for the boom
Bam! Aw, man! I, slam, jam, now scream like Tarzan
I be tossing and flossing my style is awesome
I'm causing more Family Feuds than Richard Dawson
And the survey said, you're dead
Fatal Flying Guillotine chops off your fucking head
MZA who was that? Ayo, the Wu is back
Making niggas go Bo! Bo! like I'm Super Cat
Me fear no-one, oh no, here come
The Wu-Tang shogun, killer to the eardrumPut the needle to the groove I gets rude and I'm forced
To fuck it up, my style carries like a pick-up truck
Cross the clear blue yonder, sea to shining sea
I slam tracks like quarterback sacks from L.T
Now why try and test, the Rebel INS?
Blessed since the birth, I earth-slam your best
Cause I bake the cake, then take the cake
And eat it, too, with my crew while we head state to stateAnd if you want beef, then bring the ruckus
Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuttin ta fuck with
Straight from the motherfucking slums that's busted
Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuttin ta fuck withHah! Step up, boy!
Represent! Chop his head off, kid!The Meth will come out tomorrow
Styles, conditions, bizarre, bizarro
Flow, with more afro than Rollo
Coming to a fork in the road which way to go just follow
Meth is the legend, niggas is sleepy hollow
In fact I'm a hard act to follow
I dealt for dolo, Bogart coming on through
Niggas is like "Oh, my God, not you!"
Yes, I, come to get a slice of the punk and the pie
Rather do than die, check my flavor, coming from the RZA
Which is short for the razor who make me reminisce true
Like Deja, Vu! I'm rubber, niggas is like glue
Whatever you say rubs off me sticks to youWu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta Fuck Wit
Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta Fuck Wit
Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta Fuck Wit
Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin ta Fuck Wit
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Это интересно:Оф.Сайт Wu-Tang Clan - одна из первых хардкоровых хип-хоп-групп со Стэтен Айленда в Нью-Йорке, США.Группа состоит из девяти человек (на данный момент сократилась до восьми после смерти Ol' Dirty Bastard в 2004). Все участники команды выпустили сольные альбомы, также существует много сайд-проектов составляющих формацию Wu-Family (Wu-Fam). Одной из... продолжение
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