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Love You Gently



жанры: rnb, mellow
альбомы: Here I Stand
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 864 просмотра
First see the city skylights shining from my room
Youre such a sight to see in the month of June
Beautiful like the moons reflection when
Its passing off your skin and before you let me in
I hear you sayIts been a long time
I say okay, K, K, dont worry I got you
Do ya say?
How bout some foreplay?
Got that, got plenty, I got youDo ya say?
Play some slow ones
Got that Sade, Al Green and Marvin Gaye too
To love you gentlyLet me love you gently
Lay back relax, girl Ima be
Light as a feather but hard as a rock
Cause daddy know just what you like
Gonna love you gently
Light as feather but hard as a rockSee I know just when to finish
And I know just when to start
And Ill be lovin your reaction
Every time I hit that spotGently
Bottom soft like leather
But the top is hardGently
Whisper your pleasures
Then Ill do my jobInvigorating, intense
Girl, let me do what I do
I dont know whats echoing louder
The music or youGently
I aint close to be done yet
But your getting real warmGently
Like the calm of the thunder
Right after the stormYou say, you say, do you say it girl?
Make it
Gonna push it to the limit
It's yours, it's yours
See second place or win the race
Im gonna be your number one
Til the sun shinesHere comes the sun forever more
Lets try and taste the moon again forever moreLet me touch you gently
Thats the sound of love
Ripping shades off the wall
Light as a feather but hard as a rock
This might not be in the bedroom
But Im gonna love you girl, gently
Light as a feather but hard as a rockLet me touch you gently
Light as feather but hard as a rock
Gonna love you gently
Light as a feather but hard as a rockCan you feel me girl?
We dont need no room
All we need is me and you
Wanna love you
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Это интересно:Ашер (англ. – Usher Raymond IV) американский певец, танцор и актер. Обладатель пяти премий «Грэмми». Суммарный тираж его альбомов составляет около 30 миллионов копий. Ашер родился 14 октября 1978 года, начав приобщаться к музыке с возраста 12 лет в хоре баптистской церкви города Атланты, которым руководила его мама. Какое-то время спустя он попробовал свои силы в местных музыкальных конкурсах,... продолжение
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