Giving Myself Away



жанры: electronic, dance, trip-hop
альбомы: Outrospective, Original Album Classics, Insomnia - The Best Of, Reperspective
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 567 просмотров
Do, do what I have to
Do, do what I have to
Do, do what I have to
Do, do what I haveRemember Emily?
That's a long time, that's a long time
In a long dress one summer day she said yes, hah
Now every special requests requires another
(Umm umm umm)
So many times it feels endless
A big yes branded red on each breast
(Umm)But she selfless out there doing her best strangest scene
Nobody seemed to be impressed
(Umm umm umm)
The more she do for this fool
The more she behind schedule
Had no fun for so long
Old records turned her onto high school flings
And she was full of daringColorful hair used to wear thirteen rings
Now she staring gludgery
Full in the face and accepts it as her place
And just in case there's anything she missed
She recheck the list does it over again
To make sure it's spotless
(Umm hmm)Jimmy longed for how it used to be
She was viscous and volatile
She was feisty, iced tea was the tipple never asked nicely
Her lips used to curl down ever so slightly, impolite
Fire burned bright behind the Oakley's
We just had to get to gripsAfter a few long sipped juice begin to lose flavor
She no longer gets to savor being consumed
Jimmy sleep drunk in the other room still in his shoes
Escaping head long into the booze
The whole house vibrating with the changes of moodsFrom feisty she turned into being nice to me
In the old days he'd of been wearing ice T
Jimmy cradles times return
She was fine and so beautifully unconcerned
Jimmy told her on the day he quit
You don't love me you love the relationshipDo what I have to
(Aah aah aah aah)
(Aah aah aah)
I'm the progeny product of misogyny
Jimmy and Emily homogeny
They promised me nothing but honesty, hmm
And that's all I got
I could never be the cement in their destiny
They still haven't forgiven meYou know my own woman is leaving me
Said she stopped believing me
Can't even see what she saw in me
I told my woman she was beautiful
She didn't believe
Convinced herself I was preparing to leave
So she took my son and left the world freeI told my woman she was beautiful ten times a day
Ten times a day she smile, and look away
I end up throwing my love down a bottomless pit
And giving myself
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Это интересно:Группа Faithless была образована в Лондоне, Великобритания, в 1995 году. В её состав вошли Ролло Армстронг (Rollo Armstrong (Роуленд Константин О'Мейли Армстронг), делал ремиксы для Pet Shop Boys, Simply Red, Bjork), Систер Блисс (Sister Bliss) (Айала Дебора Бентовим) и Макси Джаз (Maxi Jazz) (Максвелл Александр Фрейзер).Темнокожий... продолжение
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